Joint Announcement
Regional Soccer Club Merger 2015-2016

Inter Northshore FC- Click HERE for more information.

North Shore Arsenal, Shorewood Kickers Soccer Club, and Whitefish Bay Soccer Club are excited to announce a merger of our three clubs. The merger is the result of extensive communication, cooperation, and dedication to ensure the new club maintains the coaching philosophies of our three programs, and to meet the needs of the communities they encompass.

Our goal is to provide the best youth soccer experience for players, families, and teams in Milwaukee and throughout the North Shore area. We believe that by establishing a sustainable club for all levels of ability we create an environment that fosters optimal skill development in our players. We welcome kids that participate in a variety of sports as well as those that choose soccer as their primary sport. This merger increases our ability to provide a place for soccer players at every level of interest and skill, from multi-sport to single-sport.

Coaches will continue to develop players in the technical, tactical, physical, and psychological components of the game. They will teach the importance of teamwork, dedication, good sportsmanship, respect for self and others, and how to learn from both winning and losing. The program partners with parents and players to achieve these goals, recognizing that only through commitment, hard work, and execution will we “win” both on and off the playing field.

We know that our families will have many questions about this news, and we respect and welcome questions and feedback. The link below has some answers to Frequently Asked Questions about the merger. At the end of this linked Announcement are some dates for club-wide forums, as well as contact information for club representatives if you have additional questions.

For additional information regarding this merger and some answers to some of your questions CLICK HERE.